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Jun 01, 2023
This week, you have been learning about information literacy and how to spot fake news. For this discussion board, use what you have learned to locate a news article from a reliable online news source that is related to your field of study. Screenshot the article, save the screenshot on your computer, and upload/attach it to the discussion forum. In the text submission area, write your analysis of why this article is reliable and trustworthy in paragraph format. Utilize the following questions to guide your inquiry. The initial post should be 150 words and is due by Friday at 11:59pm EST.
Tips for consideration:
What news company posted the article?
Who is the author and what makes them qualified to report on the topic?
What is the date?
Does the article include references to reliable sources?
Can you locate this same information from other reliable sources? (Cross-checking)
What is your overall opinion on why this is a trusted article?
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