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May 02, 2023


Overview Of Natural Language Processing (NLP):

NLP is a method of AI which is utilized for communication with intelligent systems by using natural language such as English. There are different uses and applications of NLP which will discuss as follows:

Machine Translation: the process of translating one language into another is considered to be one of the applications of NLP. With the consideration of a flowchart, NLP uses communication process to communication with others in other language (Chowdhary, 2020). Different machine translation systems are there such as Bilingual MT system that helps in translating among two specific languages. On the other hand, Multilingual MT system generates translation among a pair of languages (Kaddari et al. 2020).

Question-Answering: in the field of AI and NLP, it focuses on developing system that can answer the questions automatically which is posted by human being in natural language. A computer system with NLP is having the capacity to translate the sentences input by human into the presentation so that valid answers can be generated accordingly (Raina and Krishnamurthy, 2022). With the help of semantic analysis and by doing syntax, answers are being generated accordingly.

Text Summarization: data is considered to be one of the most valuable things and the current era is having a serious need of text summarization with an automatic process. This is because the flood of information in the internet is not going to stop anyway. This process of text summarization can be defined as the process to create accurate, short summary of documents with longer text (Sharma and Kaushik, 2017). In order to have relevant information in quite less time can be found by using automatic text summarization process.

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