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Nov 06, 2021
  • Instructional Unit: Goals, Objectives, And The Teaching Plans This Week You Will Submit Your Instructional Unit, Which Should Include Three Lesson Plans: One Focused On Patient Education, One On Family Education, And One On Staff Development
    Instructional Unit: Goals, Objectives, and the Teaching Plans
    This week you will submit your instructional unit, which should include three lesson plans: one focused on patient education, one on family education, and one on staff development. Remember, your plans should demonstrate a logical approach to teaching, communicate what is to be taught and how, and outline how objectives are to be evaluated. for a refresher on what each final lesson should include.
    Building on the work that you started in Week 2, for all three groups of learners:

    • Write several broad instructional goals for the educational experience.
    • Write several behavioral objectives based on Blooms taxonomy.
    • Describe the lesson content.
    • Provide a sequence for teaching activities.
    • Describe instructional methods.
    • Indicate time allotted for each activity.
    • Identify and describe the instructional resources (materials, tools, etc.) and technology to be used.
    • Describe how the learning will be evaluated.
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