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May 08, 2023
  1. INSTRUCTIONSRead the following case and listen to the audio interview:1. Kara, S. (2018). Is Your Phone Tainted by the Misery of the 35,000 Children in Congo’s Mines?.

  2. Answer the questions below with a clear heading indicating the question being answered.Make sure to use appropriate headings and sub-headings where neededUse bullets, page numbers and other formatting tools to make the work more readableKeep an eye on sentence construction, typos etc.Use the APA citation style and a professional fontDouble-spaced contentTotal page count should be at least 10 pages minimum (without cover page and references). If you complete it with a partner, the page count is minimum 15 pages (wihtout title and reference pages)What are the relevant facts of the case? ( You can create a brief summary of the case)What are the ethical issues involved? Why? (Hint: use the 7 principle framework and also kohlberg’s stages to understand and present a nuanced picture of the scenario)Who are the stakeholders, primary and peripheral? How are they affected?What possible alternatives/solutions are available to address the issue(s)?What is the solution of your choice? Why?How would you support your choice with the various theories learnt earlier? (You should refer to the ethical theories (more than one) and perspectives discussed earlier and in Chp. 3)


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