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May 08, 2023

INSTRUCTIONSSubmit by attaching/uploading your P1 Fortune Photos below in this discussion. Each set of photos will consist of the three (3) Print only JPGs (300 ppi), and three (3) Web Ready JPGs (72ppi).This means you will be uploading or attaching 6 image files (2 sets of 3) that represent your projects in Photoshop.In addition, you will upload your Visual Process Diary in a PowerPoint or PDF format so that we may see your creative process AND 3 Screen Shots showing your Photoshop workspace and layers palette. Total files submitted will be TEN (10):3 full size and resolution jpgs (300ppi)1 – 8×10″1 – 5×7″1 – 4×6″3 screen shots showing Photoshop workspace and layers (see example below)x 3 = 3 screen shots3 web ready jpgs at 72ppi1 – 8×10″1 – 5×7″1 – 4×6″1 Ppt or pdf of Visual Process DiaryGUIDELINESWith at least 25 words each, give substantive comments on two (2) other’s work in order to receive credit for this project. Please read and contribute keeping Netiquet Links to an external mind.Be sure to allow PLENTY of time to attach your photos and comment on other’s work! If you have trouble, check out Canvas Help or ask. If a file is too large to attach, contact me immediately (at least 4 hours before it is due). Don’t get slammed by Murphy’s Law!Links to an external site.Some things to comment on are:ImpactTechnical excellenceCreativityStyleCompositionCenter of Interest/ Subject MatterLightingTechniqueMessage/IntentSUPPORTSee How Do I Attach a File to a Discussion (Links to an external site.) for instructions on attaching files or watch the following video.How to Reply to a Discussion in CanvasEXTRA CREDIT – Attach/Upload (3) inkjet prints via your camera/video or upload snapshots of them for 0 – 15 extra credit points. Notice the 8″x10″ fits on the 8.5″x 11″ paper, the 4″x6″ is prints takes up just 4″x6″ of paper and the 5″x7″ is only 5″x7″ on the 8.5″x11″ paper, they do NOT take up the whole sheet. Each print should only be the correct size on the page.Requirements: 3 pictures | .doc file


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