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Jun 23, 2023

Human effort in the organization is indispensable. It constitutes a complex phenomenon for managers of such organizations to comprehend. Accordingly, it is believed that every behavior is goal-directed. Thus, for a nvro organization or individual to engage in any productive venture, it must . have underlying factors including the individual in that direction. Hence the effect of work environment in achieving the set targets for the Organization must be in adequate condition. Therefore. the nature of the office concerned with these things that influence workers’ productivity, which constitute the -why- of people’s behaviors? Why do people do things differently?

Why is X’s morale higher than TO What are these increases in work productivity? These questions can be answered with an understanding of the nature of the work environment and how these affect productivity. However, the organizational target can only be achieved if the environment is conducive. The work environment consists of the office buildings. their furniture and layout as well as the physical conditions under which workers operate. it is also concerned with the external factors to the business which the office serves, the industry, or other activities within which the business lies. the custom and laws of the community within which they operate. These environmental factors are always changing and the office must react to the changes. but how do the customs and laws reduce workers’ morale’? This question can be answered after investigation. The office and work environment are dynamic. but the most dynamic factor in the office is the human factor.

Workers today are more educated than before. They are more likely to raise questions about their environment of work since management itself is a dynamic pro. It has adhered to and addresses itself to the provision of a good environment of work for workers’ productivity. But what are those increases that enhance productivity? Therefore. the answer will be made after investigations.

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