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May 26, 2023

Question 1

Is Globalization good or bad?

a) Evaluate this statement using YOUR COMPANY as an example,

b) Which aspects of globalization have a positive or negative effect on YOUR COMPANY OR YOUR INDUSTRY.

Question 2

In September 2021, Ford motors announced that it is exiting the Indian market where it was operating since 1995, and is shutting down its car manufacturing plants in Gujarat and Chennai.

a) Discuss the challenges (government policies, competition, market share) faced by the company that led to the decision.

b) What are your thoughts on this decision and what other options would you have explored?

You can use the information from here

Question 3

Kellogg’s entered the Indian market in 1994 with a lot of fanfare and advertisements but the sales dropped drastically in 1995.

a) Discuss the cultural mistakes that they had made.

b) Using the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) explain the strategy they used to build back the business.

Question 4

Your company is planning an expansion into the Australian and Vietnamese markets, using the Hofstede cultural dimension theory, discuss how your company will adapt to the different cultural differences between the two countries.

Use the chart from to do your comparison.

Question 5

China has a competitive advantage over other countries in the manufacture of Lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles. Explain this phenomenon using Porter’s Diamond Model.

Question 6

“Over the Years, Markets have become global. But now the COVID -19 Pandemic and the war in Ukraine is disrupting the structure and direction of international business. Elaborate your answer with relevant examples.

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