Interpret Evidence-Based Approaches, Relevant State Supervisory, Enforcement Bodies: Compliance And Quality In Social Care Assignment, UCD, Ireland

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Interpret evidence-based approaches, relevant state supervisory, enforcement bodies, national standards, professional conduct, and ethical codes guiding practices applicable to the respective setting and environment.
  2. Explain the critical role of quality assurance, documentation standards, and quality improvement of outcomes for service users in respective settings where social care practice takes place.
  3. Determine relevant health and safety regulations and guidelines that minimize risks to social care service users, including the use of infection prevention.
  4. Evaluate the information collected in social care work, whilst being aware of current guidelines and legislation relating to candour, disclosure, and confidentiality.
  5. Identify important risk factors and implement safety management strategies, to make reasoned decisions and/or provide guidance to others including key stakeholders in practice.

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