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Apr 25, 2023
  1. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the structure of a relational database and demonstrate the ability to correctly document and explain additions to the structure of a relational database.
    For this part of the assignment, you will continue to assume you work at Adventure Works Cycles company. In the Topic 1 assignment, you made a request to add a field to the company database. That request has been approved, and now the database diagram needs to be accurately updated.
    Create a simple Entity-Relationship Diagram ERD (using demonstrating how your new table will connect to the “HumanResources.Employee” table on the diagram. Since this is a new table, add new fields to create the proper relationships as you see fit.
    In one to paragraph Word document, explain how these fields relate to the rest of the database content.
    Compile the ERD file and Word document into a .zip file and submit to your instructor.f the question, and potential objections to the argument. Also, there are several quotes in the PDF file that need to be used in the paper. So please use them. Also, there are two links to websites that need to be used in the paper to support the argument that I am making. The bolded part in the PDF is the important thing in my argument and important for the paper. But please make a decent paper.

    William Graham Sumner: opposing side of the argument (conservatism is good)
    Abraham Lincoln: supports the argument (conservatism is bad)
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt: supports the argument (conservatism is bad)
    Herbert Hoover: opposing side of the argument (conservatism is good)
    Michael J. Sandel: states the definition of liberalism
    Please also use the websites stated in the PDF. They are also included here.
    The New York Times
    I.M.F. Counsels Caution on Tax Cuts for Wealthy (Swanson and Tankersley)

    The Washington Post
    The GOP needs a MAGA candidate who doesn’t pick fights. Like Nikki Haley.

    When writing the paper, make sure to acknowlege the opposing side to the argument (state the objections that I have listed in the paper).

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