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May 25, 2023
In Lab 3, you will investigate how different drugs and combinations of drugs (e.g. caffeine) affect the function and response of organ systems as the body tries to maintain homeostasis. Read the Introduction to Lab 3, then respond to the following prompts.
*Important Note about plagiarism* Simply answering part (A) does NOT suffice as proper in-text citation of your source. You need to cite the article with quotes, parenthetical citations, etc. Failure to properly cite the article (i.e. taking words from the article and writing them as your own without proper acknowledgment = failure to properly cite) may result in an Academic Honor Policy violation.
(A) Pick one of the examples described in the lab manual or read one of the short examples from the PDFs below. In your own words, briefly explain your example and how it is related to the concept of homeostasis.
(B) Use what you learned in Lab 2 to identify and describe the organ systems involved in your example from part A, making explicit connections between the organ systems. Explain how you know these organ systems are connected.

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