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I believe that hospitality sector offer a good growth opportunity.  Langford (2020) stated that  hospitality industry has become the epitome of success.  As at the global level there are 187,000 hotels.  The data shared by Brandongaille highlighted that in every 2.5 seconds new job is added in the hospitality sector.  I would like to say that I opted to develop my career in this sector because of skills and my interest and because of exposure and career opportunities this sector provides. Some of factors that influenced me to take further steps in this sector included creative, excited and unique openings. As in this sector creativity can help to grow in the career and I am more kind of creative person and look for using my creativity skills (Langford, 2020).  With that, hospitality sector offer many different jobs such as chefs, event planner, supervisor, sommelier and so many. I think these reasons are not even enough as this industry has lot more to offer. But in order to excel in this field, I would like to share that the institution plays a significant role.  That is why I selected the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School.  As this institution gives a simulated hotel environment in which it become easy to learn hotel industry norms and services.  Further, I am also interested in food and beverage area as food connects me to different culture and people. As I believe that food reflects cultural aspects of any country. So career in hospitality give me chance to explore different culture that I actually want to know.

Industry Knowledge

I am currently working in the Raglan; the place offers Australian cuisine with hints of Asian fusion.  It can be said that the Raglan offer modern Australian with Chinese and Japanese fusion. The core values on which the company operates includes offering exquisite dished that local community can enjoy and ensure that food is of premium taste.  The Raglan offers detailed bar services and full services and all products are produced and offered keeping in mind the quality. With that as a part of sustainable practices the company procures their fresh raw materials from Australian local suppliers and ingredients provider.  The company operates on the philosophy that is driven by an enduring passion for delivery of customer service consistently and to serve amazing foods to people.  The uniqueness is in the trained chefs as they do their best to make customers experience memorable with the brand (The Raglan, 2022). The vision of the Raglan is to “create an environment where absolute guest satisfaction is our highest priority”.  The brand believe in creating flavor and this is done by offering personal rendition of Modern Australian cuisine with an innovative gastronomic take on traditional cooking methods. Through that the company in hospitality sector is looking for to bring a change by offering distinctive flavours to customers.  Some of things that improve customer experience are ; warm hand towels that guests will get with Jo Malone hand cream at the time of arrival and extra delicate touch of people add a good experience for customers (The Raglan, 2022).

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