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May 30, 2023
Another popular topic in the news involves butter. Is butter back or should you focus on healthier fats in your diet such as unsaturated fats like olive oil? One important part of any college-level science class is recognizing the ongoing nature of scientific research. Although this reading explores evidence for or against the use of butter, the research is ongoing.
Re-read the Chapter 5 Controversy at the end of Chapter 5 and formulate your own opinion on the butter controversy.
Find an article that makes claims about saturated fat, specifically discussing the safety of high intakes of butter, fatty meats, and cheeses.
Based on what you know about the science behind the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, analyze the main points of the article.
Summarize the conclusions made by the article and evaluate its validity.
Include a link of the article in your post.


Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words. In addition to posting your own thread, read and comment on at least ONE of your fellow classmates’ posts (100 word minimum). Your response needs to go beyond simply saying, “I agree” or “You’re wrong.” Ask questions of each other, bring up new ideas, or perhaps discuss information you’ve seen about this topic before that relates to what your classmates had to say. This peer response is worth 5 points of your total score.

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