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Apr 10, 2023

Subject Code & Title :- ISYS2059 Business Information Systems
Word count :- 1300 words
Assessment Type :- Assignment
This assignment is in two parts In Part 1 you are required to conduct analysis in Excel of data related to the case study and write a 1000 word business report for the owner. This part is worth 24/30 marks.In Part 2 of the assignment you will write a 300 word reflection on the development of your data analysis skills this semester. This part is worth 6/30 marks. You must submit your assignment in one file to Canvas before the deadline. Please do not submit your excel file.
ISYS2059 Business Information Systems Assignment – UK

Case Study

Keep movin Gym is a fitness studio specialising in group exercise classes in Adelaide South Australia. The studio was taken over by new management two years ago and the new manager (Miriam Brown) wants to make some adjustments in order to operate the business more efficiently. Miriam handles bookings accounts and organises the teaching timetable and roster for the casual fitness instructors she employs. Note that the instructors’ pay rates have been determined by experience age and qualifications and so they differ for each instructor. The fitness studio offers a range of group exercise classes for members and also a senior citizen class which is discounted. The gym also offers individual sessions for those wanting a personal training session. Classes are booked per semester.

Since purchasing the fitness studio, Miriam has been operating essentially the same time table from semester 2 2019 through to semester 1 2021 and has continued to employ the same staff. In an effort to encourage new and current members to take extra classes she introduced a discount scheme during semester 2 2020 and semester 1 2021 (see the “Multiple class discount” columns in the spread sheet).
A discount is offered if two or more members of the one family enrol in a class or if a member enrols in two or more classes.

Miriam believes that it is time to review the effectiveness of her dance studio with regard to profit ability. Is the business growing? Are her profits growing? What are the likely future trends? She wants to revise the timetable and possibly take other steps to further increase profits and has asked you to:

• Under take descriptive analysis of the data she has maintained over the past four semesters.
• Provide an overview of profitability trends undertaking predictive analysis.
• Discuss the various options regarding possible future changes to the timetable based on your analysis.
• Discuss at least one business issue you have identified as a result of your data analysis that you believe may need to be further analysed. E.g. You require further information from Miriam before you can take action. Clearly explain your reasoning.
• Make recommendations with regard to future changes which might assist in further improving profitability. Briefly justify these recommendations (i.e. prescribe what should be done and why this would be helpful drawing on your predictive and prescriptive analysis).

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