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Apr 27, 2023
  1. Assignment 1 - Report (Critique of interactive systems)

    Scenario and requirements:

    Identify an area in the field of the Internet of Things. Consider the user experience design of the system. Write a critical evaluation that includes multiple sources and speculation about the topic you have selected. Please note that the focus of your critical evaluation should be on the User Experience Design of the IoT system you have selected.

    Your planning report must

    1. use the template provided on MySCU under the assessment menu
    2. be no more than 1000 words
    • use a formal and academic writing style with a clear structure (Harvard)
    1. include an executive summary, introduction, body, and conclusion in your report
    2. use headings if appropriate
    3. address each of the following steps to complete your critique report:

    (1) Identify an area of the IoT field – There are different areas where IoT is growing its roots. For instance, smart homes, smart cities, wearables, connected industries, IoT in agriculture, smart farming, connected healthcare, smart energy, smart learning, connected cars, smart retail, smart supply chain, and so on. Select the application of your own choice. The chosen topic will be the same topic you will be working on for assignments 2 and 3.

    (2) Conduct research about the selected topic area – Study and research in the literature about the selected topic area. Develop an understanding of the topic area. Research as much as you can about various aspects of the topic you are evaluating.

    (3) Conduct a critical evaluation: Conduct a systematic and detailed assessment of different elements of the selected IoT system, evaluating how well the UX was able to achieve the purpose through the system. A critical evaluation does not simply highlight negative impressions. It should deconstruct the system and identify both strengths and weaknesses. It should examine the system and evaluate its success or failure in light of its purpose. Examples of key critical questions:

    a) What are the aims of the system? Were the aims achieved?

    b) What connected devices and architecture were used in the system? Are they effective in portraying the system’s purpose and user experience?

    c) What assumptions underlie the system? Do they affect the user experience?

    This evaluation should be written in a formal academic style and logically presented.

    (4) Prepare your critique report: Your report must include a well-structured introduction section, a critical evaluation section and a conclusion section along with an executive summary. In your report, mainly focus on the analysis, assessment and critical evaluation of the user experience of the system and accurately summarise the system being critiqued. Systematically outlined an evaluation of each element of the system to achieve the overall purpose. Use evidence to support your argument. Form an overall evaluation of the system, based on critical criteria of user experience. Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation; clear presentation; and appropriate referencing style (Harvard).


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