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Jul 24, 2023

Ql. Sometimes it is not self-evident what is the right thing to do. What is your dilemma?
Qla. It may be helpful to clarify what exactly makes the situation difficult. What causes you to have moral doubts in this situation?

Q2. By placing yourself in the shoes of others, you acquire valuable iit; s.-get into different perspectives on the problem and on the right thing to do. With each question, ask yourself what would be important to someone both in the long and short run?
Q2a. For the client-patient? Q2b. For you?
Q2c. Colleagues, other clients /patients, management (as relevant to your scenario)?
Q2d. What do the rules and regulations say?

Q3. Please discuss a consideration in which you take all perspectives into account. What is most valuable for you in this situation? Which actions go along with this?

Q4. Often there is no perfect solution . Kelps to be conscious of the disadvantages of an approach topossibly limit these. What are the disadvantages and can you do anything to compensate for these?

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