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May 01, 2023
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      Different Types Of Hackers

      Black Hat Hackers

      Black hats Cybercriminals are the "bad guys" who perpetrate hacking crimes. As a result, they go out of their way to find and exploit any flaws in computer systems and software, whether for financial gain or more nefarious goals such as corporate espionage, or as part of a national-state hacking effort (Shoukat & Bashir, 2018).

      Green Hat Hackers

      In the hacking community, they are the so-called "newbies". In spite of their lack of knowledge of the web`s inner workings, green hat hackers are motivated (and maybe even desperate) to rise up the ranks of the hacking community.

      White Hat Hackers

      White hat hackers are the "good people" who try to stop black hat hackers from succeeding by hacking ahead of time. Ethical hacking is the practice of using their technical expertise to break into networks in order to examine and test the degree of network security (Memon, et al., 2020).

      Grey Hat Hackers

      Hackers that wear a grey hat are in the middle ground between good and evil. Instead of trying to hurt or gain monetarily, white hat hackers strive to break rules and ideals. In most cases, their acts are for the greater benefit. 

      How To Protect Company Data From Breach

      Firewall For Web Applications

      Depending on the configuration, a WAF may be a purely software or hardware solution. When it comes to sifting through the data that travels between your website and your internet connection, this is a kind of firewall (Karunakaran, et al., 2018).

      Encrypt Data

      For businesses that store important data, be sure to take steps to make sure this information is always encrypted. There are many full-disk encryption tools that come with most operating systems. You can use them to keep your information safe! As long as these devices are turned on, they should be able to encrypt every file on your drive without slowing it down.

      Blocking Unnecessary Sites And Limiting Access

      It`s a good idea to make sure only people who need to see certain online information can see it. This way, there`s less chance of a security breach. Because virus and spyware-carrying sites can`t be opened on certain sites, blocking them from being viewed can help keep them from getting into your business`s network (Belous & Saladukha, 2020).  So, take the necessary steps to block unnecessary websites and make sure your anti-virus software is up to date in case there is a problem.

      Choose The Right ISP

      As with a castle`s defenses, your business`s Internet service provider (ISP) is only as good as its connections. Because there are so many Internet service providers to select from, it`s a good idea to choose with one that has security built in. The price and speed of a provider`s connection are the next things to look at once they`ve passed the online security test (Shoukat & Bashir, 2018). 

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