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Apr 10, 2023

Module Code :- IY408
Module Title :- Management And Organisation
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Weighting:- 40%
Length :- 1300-1600 words, 10%
IY408 Management And Organisation Assignment – UK

Task and Guidance

1.Choose one of the industries from the list below:
I. Transportation industry airlines coach companies cruise
II. Information technology software engineering advertising technologies Web app etc.
III. Manufacturing industry automotive food fashion commodities etc
IV. Hospitality and events industry hotels resorts serviced accommodation theme parks exhibition centres etc)
V. Retail industry super markets high brands stores discount stores etc
vi Restaurants and Food service industry (full service quick service bars etc.)

2. Conduct the research on the company of your choice from one of above industries with the reference to the relevant theories you have studied during both terms, within Themes: 11, 13 and address the contemporary business issues lis instruction in the format of a Business report.

3.Write a Business report that audience will be company. You must demonstrate the under standing and application of the theories related to each contemporary business issue and you must follow the structure outlined below.


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