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Mar 31, 2023

Module Code : IY412
Assessment title: Data Analysis Report
Module Name: Quantitative Methods for Business
Assessment will be set on: Week 10
Assessment weighting: 40%
Assessment Instructions :- What do you need to do for this assessment?
Task: Write a report based on your own data analysis to identify whether a business’s profit is more likely to be affected by the number of people it employs or by the value of the company’s net tangible assets.
IY412 Data Analysis Report Assignment – UK

1. The purpose of your report is to communicate the data analysis you have carried out. As with all reports it should be separated into sections each one of which fulfils a separate function to provide an overall picture of the work you have done.
2. You must conduct your analysis using MS Excel.
3.You should base your report on the analysis of data from 30 different companies. Which companies you select is up to you but you should consider carefully how to do this as you will be expected to comment on this in the ‘Choice of Date’ section of the report.
4. Choose an appropriate technique for your analysis You are studying the relationships between different data sets so there is a ‘correct’ form of analysis. You need to describe this in the ‘Analysis’ section
5. Your ‘Discussion and Conclusion’ section should communicate your results and what these suggest about the variables that you have analysed in the wider context of business.

Please note:
This is an individual assessment so you should not work with any other student.
Your tutor will also ask for a draft copy of your report and provide verbal feedback.

Part 1 – Introduction:
An introduction to the problem addressed in the report. Brief outline of initial expectations/predictions.

Part 2 – Choice of data:
The source of data used is outlined and issues relating to the reliability of the sample chosen are discussed.

Part 3 –Analysis:
The precise technique that is to be used to analyse the data is described in detail and the theoretical background to the analysis is discussed. A summary of results is included

Part 4 – Discussion and Conclusion.
Results are discussed in relevant detail Interpretation is attempted to generalise and contextualise the results seen giving a conclusion supported by the data

Part 5 – Appendix. (not included in word count)
MS Excel spreadsheet print with a full set of data and results output

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