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Apr 25, 2023
  • Land Law, Equity & Succession Law

    James has Four children: Katelyn, Alison, Gordon (RIP 2006), and George. On his last Doctors appointment, he was told that he has 3 months to live. He has always said that he would like to leave his house to James and Jenny, Gordon’s children.

    1. Give James 4 reasons why he should make a will and explain to James how to make a valid will in Ireland
    2. If James does not leave a will, what will happen to the house? Give a detailed explanation according to Law of what will happen to the property.
    3. Explain what is meant by the Law of Equity, refer to the principles of equity, and consider whether equity could be of use in the above scenario.


    Michael Griffith is intending to apply for planning permission for a dormer bungalow in Burton Port along the Wild Atlantic Way. He can buy the site from the Vendor with Outline planning; Nonetheless, his Engineer has advised him to purchase the site “Subject to Full Planning Permission”. The engineer has also advised that a treatment system may be required because of the proximity to the coast.

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