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Jun 05, 2023
After you have watched the Kanopy film “T’Ain’t Nobody’s Buziness”, create a Powerpoint/Slide show that describes the hardships and issues for queer singers in the early 20th century. You will need to takes notes during the film to learn the names of many of the singers (there was more than just Ma Rainey).


After you have watched the film, create a slide deck with at least 7 slides that features different singers and their success and hardships of queer singers. Note: you will have to do research outside of watching the film to create this activity. (I learned a lot of terms the first time I watched this video- or the origin of monikers I should say)

6 slides that have the following criteria
1. each slide should feature a different singer (name, date of birth and death)
2. Genre or type of music they sang
3. Hardships/obstacles/successes


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