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Ethics is an important part of life for any kind of organization or group rather than a community to serve others. The ethical principles and concepts in the community services in this case more specifically Australian community service will be discussed in depth. The idea is to give the basic concepts of ethics and principles. Also to show how ethical decision-making is an important part of the community services. Ethical decision-making models are extremely useful and important they not only keep the activity and the group on the correct tracks of ethics but also make sure that every decision made and every step taken are ethical and no negative factors can affect the whole process. One of the ethical decision-making models will be selected and discussed further in-depth in terms of its importance and how it functions.


Ethics is a very difficult word to be understood at times it is confused ways of making laws and religion or other factors. However, it is simply the means to make sure that no negative decisions are made discipline is maintained and corruption is prevented. Ethics provides a very important set of standards for behavior that allows us to decide how we can act in a wide range of situations. In simpler terms, the idea can be said to be making choices and providing reasons why these choices should be made (Act, 2016).

The concept of community service is to look after the whole community in general. Their aim is not profit-making or marketing. They do not even have the intention of expansion or fame. Some of the important aspects are to facilitate the interests and the various rights of the people and to educate them of their rights, to develop and maintain new and old networks and collaborative partnerships also aim at increasing networking opportunities, use effective communication to build a solid relationship. Their only objective is to serve the community and take the initiative towards various community development projects. One of the most popular and effective projects during recent times and perhaps a still ongoing process and rapid growth is the Covid-19 relief measures. When the global pandemic hit the entire world was in chaos. That is when Community Service Participation was at its peak and was needed the most. Starting from delivering medicines to food and other essentials to the doorsteps of the people due to lockdown restrictions was the most effective. Also to provide free food and other essentials to all those in need especially the homeless and the people who lost their job in the pandemic. Australian community services even took the initiative of having a dedicated helpline number and web page for ease of communication with the different communities that might need medical attention and other kinds of support to survive (Australian Association of Social Workers, 2022).

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