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Jun 11, 2024

Assignment Task:

Language and Communication Skills for Academic Essays

Ensure adherence to the following structure and instructions:

  1. DV Assignment Cover Page
  2. Essay on the topic with appropriate word count
  3. Inclusion of at least one diagram with a summary description linking to evidence of planning (e.g., a Mind map)
  4. Table of contents
  5. Well-structured essay with a clearly defined introduction, logically ordered body, and summative conclusion
  6. Page numbers inserted in the bottom right-hand corner of each page
  7. Inclusion of at least three (3) relevant sources, excluding the study guide and textbook, within 5 years or academic sources, including seminal print and electronic references
  8. Conclusion: Summarizes key points, draws a valid conclusion, and does not introduce new information; concludes without ending on a quote
  9. Argumentation: Clearly stated thesis/hypothesis, clear student`s voice, logical argumentation, and consideration of opposing viewpoints with clear identification of related outcomes, consequences, and implications
  10. Writing skill: Well-structured paragraphs with unit sentences, supporting details, and concluding sentences; appropriate sequencing of paragraphs; demonstration of paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing skills; and use of at least five linking words
  11. Terms Defined: Accurate definition of terms, use of external sources to qualify definitions, and demonstration of awareness of complexity or criticality of definitions
  12. Critical thinking: Evidence of critical engagement with sources, use of external academic sources to validate or add to arguments or positions, and inclusion of critical thinking elements such as comparison, contrast, analysis, and description of limitations or assumptions
  13. Introduction: Clearly defines the context, presents an opinion statement, and outlines specific points of reference to contextualize the point of view
  14. Language and Communication skills: Few errors in grammar, punctuation, or spelling; thoughtful language choices supporting effective communication; use of formal academic style and register without slang or colloquial language; and evidence of proofreading with lack of spelling and grammatical errors

The conclusion should summarize all information discussed in the essay without introducing new information.

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