Last Wednesday, James Discovered That He Had Lost His Wallet And Ray-Ban Glasses Case And Realized That They Had Probably Been Dropped: Business Law & Ethics Assignment, GCD, Ireland

Last Wednesday, James discovered that he had lost his wallet and Ray-Ban glasses case and realized that they had probably been dropped When he sat on a bench in the park earlier that day. That evening, he displayed the following notice on the park fence:

€400 Reward! To any person who returns my lost leather wallet (monogrammed JM) and glasses case (containing Ray-Ban glasses and engraved with my name to James Murphy, Pangaea, 1 World Avenue, Landplace.

On Thursday morning, Ingrid, a parkkeeper, found the wallet and returned it to James since his address was inside. After this, she went back to the park and then she saw the notice. Later that morning, Mark saw the notice, when he was walking his dog and he decided to look for the missing items, although did not find them. On Thursday afternoon, James decided that as he had got his wallet back, he could afford to buy himself a new pair of glasses. He went to the park and tore down the reward notice.

On Friday morning, Mark’s dog uncovered the glasses (and case) when scuffling in the undergrowth. Mark picked them up and returned them it to James and asked for €400. Later that day Ingrid also went to see James and asked for €200 which she thought fair, as she had found 50% of the missing property.

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