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May 11, 2023

Law enforcement leaders must be able to analyze societal and professional issues. This ability helps the leader as an individual and the organization to react to trends and focus on proactive measures to deal with any issue that may affect the community or the organization.


The purpose of this assignment is to use critical thought analysis to dissect a contemporary issue in 21st century society, the American Criminal Justice System and policing, to broaden your personal and professional perspective in relation to the subject. After choosing a topic from the selections below, you will provide both sides of the issue or topic in your paper. When completing this project, you should concentrate on research of the subject and refrain from personal anecdote. You will use at least six sources, with three being peer-reviewed academic research.

A complete paper will include:

(1) introduction of the issue.

(2) research-based findings to support the need for this program, concept, or initiative.

(3) research-based findings showing the downsides or shortcomings of this program, concept, or initiative.

(4) solid conclusion in which you tie in your findings with a clear and defined recommendation.

(5) a short synopsis of any insight you gleaned from a research-based exploration of the topic.


-Police Oversight – Adopting a Citizen’s Review Board

-Militarization of Police – Scope, Mission, Perception

-Response to Mentally Ill Persons – Social Workers, Response Teams

-“Defunding” the Police by redistribution of budget/responsibilities

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