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Jun 11, 2024

Assignment Task:

Law of Supply Principles and Applications

Q.1. What is a Bank Reconciliation Sheet? How are they prepared?

Q.2. Define "hundi" and enumerate its types.

Q.3. Define depreciation and elucidate the depreciation methods.

Q.4. Elaborate on the concept of profit and loss appropriation.

Business Economics

Q.1. Define Capital and outline its types.

Q.2. Define Demand and expound on the Natures of Demand.

Q.3. Define Perfect Competition market and list its features.

Q.4. Explain the Law of Supply.

Business Law

Q.1. Define Reward and elucidate the objectives of rewards.

Q.2. Enumerate the legal conditions necessary for a constitutional agreement to be valid.

Q.3. Define a negotiable instrument and outline its characteristics.

Q.4. Define Sales of Goods Agreement and highlight its importance.

Business Organization and Administration

Q.1. Define a partnership firm and delineate its objectives.

Q.2. Discuss the allowance for regional imbalances.

Q.3. Define centralization and decentralization of industry and provide explanations.

Q.4. Explain the importance of small-scale industry in the economy.

Management Science

Q.1. Define Management and delineate the importance of management.

Q.2. Discuss Henri Fayol`s contributions as the father of modern science of management.

Q.3. Define middle-level management and discuss its features.

Q.4. Explain the essential factors of goods control mechanism.

Managerial Economics

Q.1. Define Managerial Economics and describe the nature of managerial economics.

Q.2. Briefly explain various sources of financing a firm.

Q.3. Outline the assumptions of revealed preference theory.

Q.4. Define Demand Forecasting and explain the need for demand forecasting.

Business Communication

Q.1. Define Business Communication and discuss the principles of business communication.

Q.2. Define a report and explain its types.

Q.3. "Effective communications means effective management". Do you agree? Why?

Q.4. Describe the manager`s communication with various elements.

Environmental Study

Q.1. Present a case study on `Joint Forest Management`.

Q.2. Define solar energy and elucidate its sources.

Q.3. Define an ecosystem and discuss its functions.

Q.4. Describe air pollution in India.

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