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Apr 05, 2023 Subject Code & Title : LAW013-3 Medical Law And Ethics Assignment Type: Coursework – Portfolio Word Limit : 3,000 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography) OSCOLA referencing 1 Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding:  A breadth of knowledge and critical understanding of the nature and overarching principles of medical law. 2 Demonstrate the following skills and abilities:  Locate, analyse and synthesise the primary and secondary materials in the area of medical law and apply these to reach an informed position. LAW013-3 Medical Law And Ethics Assignment – Bedfordshire University UK. There are two parts to this assessment, each worth 50% of the final grade. You must answer both parts. Part 1: Kate is twenty-three years old and has recently walked away from an abusive relationship with Gareth. Kate was only nineteen, and a promising law student, when she met Gareth. Kate abandoned her studies when she met, and fell in love, with Gareth. Although at first Kate was very happy within the relationship, it quickly became controlling and abusive, both physically and mentally. It has taken Kate a long time to walk away from the relationship. Kate has not reported Gareth to the authorities and is currently living with her sister Maya. Kate simply wanted to put the relationship behind her and resume her studies in law. Kate missed her period soon after moving in with Maya. She assumed that it was due to the stress and anxiety of the situation. However, when Kate missed her period for a second month in a row Maya became quite concerned and brought her a pregnancy test. Kate was devastated to learn that she was pregnant. She made a GP appointment to seek an NHS funded abortion. Kate was informed that an urgent referral would be made and that she would be contacted within a two-week period.
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