LAW10060: Jack Is The CEO Of A Large Company. His Company Has Many Contracts With The State Relating To The Provision Of Health Services: Constitutional Law Assignment, UCD, Ireland

Jack is the CEO of a large company. His company has many contracts with the State relating to the provision of health services. Jack has been the subject of some media attention and became aware that there was an intention to broadcast a TV program in relation to his personal financial affairs. Jack obtained an injunction to restrain the broadcast of the TV program.

However, Amanda, a TD, has stood up in the chamber in the Dail and has referred to several matters that were to be included in the broadcast. Jack has complained to the Committee on Procedures and Privileges (CPP) regarding what he says was an abuse of Dail privilege by Amanda. The CPP has rejected the complaint.

Additionally, Jack was invited to attend a meeting of the Health Committee of the Houses of the Oireachtas to discuss the type of health services provided by his company for the State. The terms of reference for the Health Committee state broadly that the function of the Committee is to consider the nature and effectiveness of health services in Ireland.

When Jack appears before the Committee the line of questioning was very disturbing to him. He had expected to discuss the health services his company provides; however, he is the subject of intense questioning regarding his personal financial affairs. He is also questioned regarding his family finances. There are very strong suggestions of inappropriate behavior regarding personal financial matters, however, the Committee reaches no conclusions adverse to Jack.

Jack is very disturbed by the nature and scope of the questions asked considering the invite he received and what he understood to be the functions of the Health Committee. Advise Jack as to the likely approach of the Courts to issues he might raise in relation to both the statements of Amanda and the work of the CPP and the Health Committee processes.

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