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Apr 05, 2023 Module Code & Title :- LAW402 Criminal Assessment Type :- Assignment Word Count :- 3000 words Credit :- 30 Level :- Level 4 Extended Diploma in law LAW402 Criminal Assignment – UK You are working for a law firm and have been asked to prepare notes on two potential criminal cases in advance of a meeting to discuss a way forward. You are also asked to produce some introductory information for two new paralegal employees who will be attending the meeting as part of their training. You should explain any legal terminology used. Task 1 Introductory notes The introductory information you have been asked to provide is about criminal law punishment pro secution and proof Your notes should: Evaluate the aims of criminalisation of specific acts and the function of criminal punishment. (AC1.1) Analyse the role of public prosecution and criminal standard of proo LAW402 Criminal Assignment – UK Task 2 Handley and Franks Tom Handley was involved in a fight with Jared Mayton after visiting several pubs on Friday evening Jared was badly beaten and later died from his injuries. The investigations suggest that Handley had been looking for Mayton to ‘pay him back for stealing his girlfriend’. Alfred Franks Tom’s friend is said to have been encouraging the confrontation.
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