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Apr 05, 2023

Module Name :- LAW502 EU Law
Assignment Name :- LAW502 EU Law Assignment
Level :- Level 5 Extended Diploma in Law
Credits :- 30
Word Count :- 3000 Words
Utopia a small state in South West Europe recently declared independence from Grandia and it is considering joining the European Union
LAW502 EU Law Assignment – UK

Rusters Associates Madrid where you are employed as junior lawyer has been approached by Utopia’s Government to advise on a number of points. Your line manager who is an expert in all aspects of the European Union will lead on this work and she wishes to involve you in order to develop your knowledge and under standing of European Law.

Prepare a draft report for your line manager to consider The report must address each of the matters listed below using relevant European Union (EU) legislation and cases as needed.

1.In the preamble to the report you need to:

a.examine the historical events of the 20th century leading to the creation of the European Union AC 1.1

b.evaluate the original objectives of the EU AC 1.2 and contrast the original objectives of the EU with its current position AC 1.3

2. In the next section of the report you must address the following requests made by Government officials in Utopia.
They want you to:
a. provide an evaluation of the functions and powers of each EU Institution covering how the power of Utopias national government might be reduced if it joins the European Union AC 2.1
b.examine the extent of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice AC 2.2
c. explain the voting system of the European Council AC 2.3

An additional request for information has been received For a Distinction grade you must:

  • analyse the balance of power between the EU and national governments like Utopia. 2D1

  • In the next section of the report, Utopia wants to understand the doctrine of supremacy and officials have asked you to evaluate it. AC3.1.

They also wish to know the similarities and differences between treaties regulations and directives and whether upon joining Utopia will be bound by such legislation, particularly if there is a conflict between EU and Utopia’s national legislation. AC 3.2

As part of this section of your report you also need to assess direct and indirect effect AC 3.3

LAW502 EU Law Assignment – UK

For a Merit grade this section of the report must also:

  • Compare and contrast infringement proceedings actioned by the Commission with proceedings actioned by a Member State against another Member State. AC 3M1

  • Utopia’s main economy is wine production. The economy of some Member States of the European Union is also heavily dependent on wine production. It is recognised that some of the wine produced by these Member States is of a lesser

quality compared with the wine of Utopia and it contains various additives considered to be safe by EU legislation.

Utopia’s wine is seen as top quality due to the fact that any additives in its production are banned.

It is also a requirement under Utopian law for wine to be sold only in 500 ml glass bottles.

In this section of the report you must provide officials in Utopia with the following:

  • An explanation of the meaning of freedom of goods and services AC 4.1

    • An evaluation of the prohibition of fiscal and regulatory barriers to free movement of goods and services AC 4.2

    • An analysis of justifiable derogations from the principle of free movement of goods AC 4.3.

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