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May 10, 2023

A) Nature of the World fame bakers

World fame bakers are thinking to start the business of cake and some bakery items like biscuits and homemade chocolates. This business is establishing at unique street shop number 8 of London. All the legal formalities of the business are done already. The specialty of the business is to make cakes with low calories and no use of artificial colors. The health of the customers is taken priority. The packing of the cake is biodegradable which is helping in taking care of the environment as well. On special occasions, there are some offers like discounts of 10 %, 20%, 30%, coupons and many more. As this startup is new then a lot of promotion and marketing strategy is made for gaining recognition of the business. At the present level, the firm is using penetration pricing and for this, it suffers loss in the initial years but after some time startups get popular. Slowly prices can be increased. For the arrangement of finance bank loan is taken and usage of personal assets. A business plan is made for running the bakery smoothly.

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