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Jan 03, 2024

Assignment Task


1. Assess a range of information, relating to the Leadership: The Amazon Way case, and produce a short report which critically assesses leadership within Amazon. 

Leadership: The Amazon Way

Apply a critical and evidence-based analysis to the case 

i. Write an introduction and provide a summary of Amazon and their key activities.

ii. From the case and your own independent research summarise the main leadership style Geoff Bezos displays. Critically assess the leadership styles literature and you should include academic references to support your findings .

iii. Choosing one alternative leadership style, propose what other leadership style would align with Amazons commercial activities, you should use academic sources to support your arguments.

2. Using Driscoll’s model of reflection write a reflective piece words on your personal learning from completing the employability diagnostic tools/activities connected with your programme of study.

i. Write an introduction and provide a summary of what employability tools and activities you have engaged with on the module.

ii. Focus on your leadership style following completion of your employability diagnostic activities during the module and reflect on any actions you may need to take . Please note you are not required to write an action plan here. This section is about you reflecting on what the next steps will be.

3. Using the template provided produce a detailed personal development plan based on your personal leadership and employability development needs, as identified over the course of the module (including from the various leadership practical activities you have completed).

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