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Nov 20, 2023

Read the article below, Complete these three sentences:

Management is...
Supervision is...
Leadership is...
Discuss any new insights you have about managers, supervisors, and leaders.

Management and Supervision vs. Leadership

There seems to be an ongoing debate about leadership vs. management and supervision.

Do you think they are exclusively different, one and the same, or are they related and inter-mingled?

Based on your experiences, what thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions do you have about the leadership vs. management debate?

Let`s talk about this for a moment. I often ask my audiences to complete these three sentence stems:

Management is...

Supervision is...

Leadership is...

Both leaders and managers are held accountable for performance. Both lead and manage people and influence others, right?


Management and Supervision

Managers seem to get things done.

They and their direct reports take credit for specific projects and revenue streams. Supervision is the direction of people at work, while management is the planning and control of the work process, yes?

Supervision is giving employees specific instructions on what is to be done, monitoring their efforts, and holding them accountable for specific results.

Management is developing a goal for what is to be done.

Key components of a management goal are:

A plan to get the work done
How work will be broken down into steps
How much time will each step take
The sequence in which it should be done and the resources needed
Monitoring the plan to see that the work goes according to the plan
Taking corrective action on anything that deviates from the original plan
Managers vs. Leaders

Leaders seem to do well at giving direction or expectations to excel.

Whereas managers maintain systems and processes, leaders influence people to follow, right?

Managers say they know more about the functions of the business, and without them, the leaders would falter. The leaders say that they`re not supposed to focus on daily functions.

Instead, they should focus on the future and the road ahead. Managers focus on how to get there, whereas leaders state where to go.

Leaders say that they build followers who choose to follow regardless of how much they make.

Managers counter with, "just because they follow you doesn`t mean they`re productive and effective." Leaders emulate historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Bill Gates. Managers bring up productivity gurus such as David Allen and Edwards Deming.



There are differences between leaders and managers.

However, when it comes to running a company, organization, school, or any setting where many people are working towards one goal, there will always be leaders and managers.

They co-exist; they need each other for optimal output. Leaders need managers to take care of the functions, lead and develop others, and find process improvements. Managers need leaders for vision, influence, and guidance.


Leadership 101

To be more than a supervisor or manager, but a leader, follow these 23 suggestions from John Maxwell`s "Leadership 101":

Be a role model
Accept responsibility
Do more than expected
Offer creative ideas for change
Genuinely respect people
Become a change agent
Find win-win solutions
Value people more than procedures
See-through others` eyes; meet their needs
Initiate and accept responsibility for growth
Develop and follow a statement of purpose
Develop accountability for results starting with yourself
Know & do high-return activities
Do the job with consistent excellence
Communicate the strategy and vision of the organization
Make people you work with more successful
Make difficult decisions that make a difference
Place priority on developing others
Place your efforts in the top 20% of your people
Lastly, "What is one thing you could possibly do to be more of a leader and less of a manager or supervisor?"

Take one of the above steps, and you`ll see your leadership success increase significantly.

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