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Jan 18, 2022

Learning Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Learners will plan and design a Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Strategy for a specific topic within a module. This can be based on existing topics and content for Transition A year or it can be a topic that you would like to see in the program in Transition Year, 5th Year, or 6th Year. In addition to developing a plan for instruction, learners are required to engage with scholarship and reflection and show their rationale for the approach they have chosen, and also clearly state how it fits with overall P-TECH values, P-TECH Abilities, and Programme/Module Learning Outcomes.

  • Background and Rationale this is where you detail the level, module, teaching context, and where this specific LTA fits in prior and future learning experiences for the P-TECH students. You should also include indicative content.
  • Learner/Group Description this is where you offer a detailed description of the learner group, focusing on strengths, needs, learning preferences, etc. Support with relevant literature that relates to the context of teaching and learner needs etc.
  • Learning Outcomes this is where you clearly state the related learning outcomes for the program and specify the topic/module learning goals for your topic.
  • Teaching, Learning & Assessment Strategy/Plan this is where you provide details of the learning and teaching strategies that will be used to support learning. You should describe how your varying T&L strategies are underpinned by relevant educational literature e.g., around digital skills development, online learning, P-TECH learning, supporting students personal development, etc., or theories of learning more broadly, evidence on the effective provision, etc. This section also includes an assessment strategy that must also be clearly articulated and justified in light of the learning outcomes and relevant literature. Finally, you must include details of resources to be used as part of the strategy and where possible include artifacts.
  • Reflection  this is where you reflect on your overall LTA and offer potential areas that may prove challenging to deliver or deserve improvement or development. Consider how these might be addressed in a future iteration of the plan. The reflection should be approx.
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