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Feb 07, 2024

Assignment Task

1. Fred is a 68-year-old man with a diagnosis of Learning Disability and ARBD (Alcohol Related Brain Damage). Fred receives care support to maintain his own tenancy and attend to daily living tasks and personal care, he is able to summon assistance in emergency and all telecare supports are in place.

Fred enjoys walking and is happiest when out and about in his local community, he is well known and has required to be taken home on a few occasions by members of the public who are aware of where he lives and that he receives care. Fred has no immediate family locally and refers to people he sees in passing as his friends. Fred’s main source of support are formal care providers’, and this has been the case for some years.

2. Kimberley is an 18-year-old who is in the final year of her school, she attends a special school and has been working on an individual education plan for the last 3 years. It was believed that Kimberley would attend college after she finished school, however she has changed her mind and has opted for community supports.

Kimberley lives with her Mum in the family home, she has 3 siblings who are all younger than her and have competing needs on Mum’s time. Mum holds welfare and financial guardianship for Kimberley and is keen for her to transition to the Adult Learning Disability services with the least disruption possible. School report that Kimberley has a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum disorder, she has fixed routines and beliefs, and these are central to her day-to-day functioning. Kimberley has a talent for art and would like to pursue this, she is also described as ‘flighty’ and will wander wherever her attention takes her. Kimberley requires supervision at all times as she lacks insight into safety and awareness of environment around her.

3. Robert is a 46-year-old man who lives alone in his tenancy. Robert has a diagnosis of mild to moderate learning disability and requires assistance to manage his tenancy. Robert is a private person who is reluctant to engage with anyone he does not know. He can be prone to disengaging with staff and sleeping in bed through the daytime hours. Robert has previously had support from another agency; however, this was stopped as he did not engage. Robert’s physical and emotional health have been declining over the last few months. He has also been letting strangers into his flat for the company, these are people he calls ‘friends’ as they spend time with him in exchange for food and a place to stay.

Robert has a family, elderly parents, who check in on him every few weeks, however Robert always ensures that his ‘friends’ are not in when they visit. Parents have reported decline in his health, and general appearance of the flat.

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