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Nov 11, 2023

Homework: Social Media

Overview: This homework will engage the learner to gain a better understanding of social media use in their work environment, the risks and benefits of social media, protection of patient privacy, and the importance of appropriate social media use and content as a form of communication.

This homework will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoints should be concise and briefly highlight information. Slides should be presented in APA 7th ed. format, be clearly presented, free of spelling and formatting errors, information should be paraphrased and include citations. Images need to be correctly credited and should include a minimum of 2 images. Turn it in report should be less than 10%

A. This homework is based on the following article by the National Council State Boards of Nursing. The article is located in the content area of the course on D2L.

NCSBN. (2011). White paper: A nurse`s guide to the use of social media.

B. Review the ANA Factsheet on social media and website found in D2L


Prepare a power point presentation and include the following:

I. Title Slide: Name of presentation, Student Name, Instructor Name, College and Course, Date.

II. Social Media Policy: Discuss the types of policies that are used in your place of work. NO AGENCY names, use initials only and describe the facility. For example, small rural hospital, a hospice agency or a nursing home.

Include the date you viewed the policyand when the policy was written/and or reviewed. How is social media being used in your place of work? For your citation and reference use Agency policy and the date on the policy. Policies should be reviewed yearly so it would be a recommendation if they are outdated. Discuss findings in brief. No more than 2 slides.

III. Social Media Risk and Benefits: List and describe 2 of the benefits of social media for nursing? Below is a list of possible benefits. List and describe 2 risks of social media?


A. Keep up with current health issues, trends, and up to date EBM
B. Opportunities to dialogue with colleagues
C. Education and training
D. Instant alerts in cases of disaster management
E. Dedicated phone for emergency calls to MD
F. Professional groups such as LinkedIn or Research Gate.
G. Facebook to recruit and inform public

IV. Moral /Practice Issues: Describe at least 2 moral or practice issues have you seen arise from the use of social media.

V. Workplace Social Media: In this section identify specific social media use concern or issue for where you currently or formerly work. Illustrate the social media issue concern or issue in the form of a scenario. How will you correct the issue or concern? Examples could include:

A. Training for staff and what would this training include or the

B. Development of a departmental/hospital policy and what would need to be included.


A. Recommendations on the use of social media in your place of work. Use at least 4 recommendations based on the literature reviewed. Be specific and these should be clearly stated and reasonable to the identified setting.

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