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Apr 26, 2023

Week 6 Forum Assignment

Assignment Part I

1. List your top five responsibilities at work now or a job in the past. Now go through the list and prioritize them as 1 being most important to 5 being least important. Now ask your supervisor is she/he agrees. If there are any differences between what you marked and what your supervisor marked, why are the lists different?

2. You are the shop owner and have a job opening for a technician as a diagnostic technician, mainly doing check engine light diagnosis and failed emission testing repairs.

Candidate A has produced evidence that she has passed all eight ASE tests. She has provided references from 3 previous employers. A parts retailer and a service manager have said that she is intelligent, reliable and highly motivated.

Candidate B has given you references from the last 3 shops where he worked. He is ASE certified in Brakes and Suspension. His last employer says he was reliable and motivated.

Which candidate, A or B is best qualified for the job? Justify your response. (cite the page number from your text)

Steps in the Progressive Discipline Process from Chapter 27

· Advising

· Counseling

· Verbal warning

· Written warning

· Written reprimand

· Written reprimand with a penalty

· Separation from employment

3. Which of the steps listed above would you apply to an employee who consistently arrives late to work?

4. At what point in the process would you be ready to terminate?

5. Complete Theory into Practice 26-1 on page 251.

Assignment Part II

1. You are the owner/operator of a very successful shop that specialized in fast-service and maintenance related items. You are so busy that you have gone to an appointment system to schedule oil changes, tire rotations, etc. Some customers have complained that they have to wait too long for an appointment, sometimes as long as two weeks. They threaten to take their business elsewhere.

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