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May 08, 2023
  1. Look at the Drake–James Terrell file enclosed here in Topic 8 and watch all of the Videos here to see how artists continue to make a great impact on the world through creative works of art. Use this information to write an essay based on the information below. Write in paragraph format only and do not list nor number the statements.1. What is the Standard of Ur work about? Watch the Video on Mesopotamia to see it. Describe it and use some of this information to write about the work—Guernica—Picasso—Assyrians and Babylonian Rulers—Vietnam—Desert Storm—World Wars 1 and 2—Putin—Ukraine—Zelensky—Who—What—When—Where—How—With What—What Size—Use more than 100 words.2. Google Physics and Light. Read, and write 3 sentences about Physics and Light. Watch the video and write 3 sentences about James Turrell.3. Write about Spencer Tunick. If Spencer Tunick came to Baton Rouge looking for a site to shoot an installation, where would you want      him to make his photographs? —Who—What—When—Where—How—What Colors—What Shape—What Patterns—??? What    world issue would you want people to be aware of through this installation?4. Watch the video and write about the installation, Walk in Vagina. Was there a need in society for that installation to be made? (Use more than 100 words)5. Read about each of the following 10 styles of art and look at examples of works in each. —1. Renaissance—(Chiaroscuro/Sfumato)      2. Baroque  3. Neoclassic—4. Impressionism  5. Cubism  6. Surrealism  7. Abstract Expressionism  8. Op Art  9. Pop Art              –10. Feminism Art—–Choose one of these styles—a work of art and artist who became famous for working in that style-and the time period that style was popular. Describe the art work base on what that style was known for.  (5 sentences)


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