LW217: A Request For Extension Of The Deadline Must Be Made In Writing To The Law: Environmental Legislation Essay, UCC, Ireland


In exceptional circumstances (extreme illness or an emergency of another nature leading up to the due date) late submission may be facilitated. A request for extension of the deadline must be made in writing to the law department office and any extension granted must be confirmed in writing.

Late Penalties:

In the event that work is submitted after the permitted deadline a penalty will apply. The penalty will be 10% of the marks awarded for each day or part of a day that the work is late.


All written work submitted to the School of Law is subject to the Code of Practice on Plagiarism. Students should ensure that their written work is appropriately referenced to avoid any plagiarism issues. Using another student’s work also amounts to plagiarism. All incidences of plagiarism are subject to disciplinary action under the Code. Students should also be aware that all assignments will be automatically scanned by plagiarism software on submission.

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