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Jul 20, 2023

Broad topics for ‘Courts and Judges’ policy papers
Tip: see Hurley: Systems of Judicial Appointment across Europe (it shows Irish practice on many of the issues offered as topics in international comparison. This may direct you towards some particular problems, which might be interesting for you to elaborate on more.) Remember please that the policy paper has to apply to Ireland.
Broad topics are emphasized, the text below provides you with some ideas where your research can go.

Separation of powers:

Courts in IRL should be stronger / weaker (which powers should be granted/taken away)
Who should decide how the judiciary is financed?

Judicial Independence

How to strengthen (level of individual judges / courts / judiciary)
Freezing salaries (example from Czechia – is it ok during an economic crisis to freeze judicial salaries?)

Judicial Education

How should be judicial education organized? Who should decide on what judges study, how often, etc?

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