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Apr 03, 2023

Module Code & Title :-  M22004 Supply Chain Management
Assessnment Type :-  Assignment
Specifications :- The presentation is individual work and is worth 30% of your mark for the supply chain module. You should prepare a voice-over Powerpoint presentation proposing an innovative supply chain solution. A detailed brief is provided below.
M22004 Supply Chain Management Assignment – UK

Your presentation should be no longer than 10 slides AND should take no longer than 20 minutes to present.

The deadline is 11/11/2022 and your presentation should be submitted on the Supply Chain Management Moodle page where a Turnitin link will be available.

Brief :-
Your presentation should be an improvement proposal to an existing supply chain. This could be for example by using concepts such as sustainable supply chain management or digitalisation but it could be a more traditional performance improvement by improving efficiency.

M22004 Supply Chain Management Assignment – UK

Part of the assessment examines your ability to identify and research an existing supply chain. This should include the preparation of a supply chain map. You should focus on supply chains that move a tangible product i.e. do not select a pure service supply chain. Typically this will be a supply chain involving a manufacturing echelon but this could also be supply chains involving process industries e.g. the electricity supply chain or raw material distribution (e.g. food supply chains).

CW1 is an opportunity to receive feedback on the full supply chain design that you will do in course work 2 so make sure to read the brief for course work 2 before starting
to work on coursework 1.

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