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Mar 31, 2023

The Context of Care for Children/Young People and their Families
Module Code M2B725045 Instructions page
The Aim: The aim of this assignment is to provide an opportunity for the student to demonstrate achievement of the module learning outcomes by discussing contemporary issues within child and young person’s nursing.
M3B723494 Child Care Nursing Assignment

Patchwork Folder:
A patchwork assignment consists of a carefully structured series of short pieces of writing, carried out at regular intervals throughout the module. These patches can be varied in style and genre.

To evidence how you achieved the module learning outcomes you are asked to produce 3 small patches, each 500 words. This will be supported by a final patch of 1000 words.

These will include:
 Patch one: A review of the literature
 Patch two: A poster
 Patch three: A short questionnaire “My time in Hospital”

You will have an opportunity to discuss and share the above three patches in class in small groups.

Patch four: Discussion paper (1000 words)

Each of the patches must be supported by relevant and contemporary evidenced based literature.

A Patchwork Folder Template has been provided to enable you to attach all 4 patches together for submission.

  • Each patch is added to a Patchwork Folder
  • Instructions on how to access this, and create your poster template is on GCU learn.
  • The patches can be added to the folder and modified until submission on the due date.
  • Instructions on how to access the template folder are available in the Assessment Folder on GCU learn.

Patch three is for this assignment and should not be used in any practice setting.

There are four separate pages for you on this template and you should populate these with the required Patch.  In the following paragraphs you are given information on what should be included in each patch.  Please read the instructions carefully to make sure that you include everything that you are being asked for.

The completed Patchwork Text Folder should be submitted: 12 noon Wednesday 19 th August 2020

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