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May 12, 2023
For this assignment, you are going to make a plan for environmental supports that will accompany your topic of study. This plan can be for an upcoming topic or for one you have done in the past, but want to work on developing out further. You can continue the topic of study from Learning Environment Plan 1.
For each center, think about what materials and strategies are you going to intentionally include to help you meet your learning objectives. You need to identify what content will be practiced in each center and how you will support academic language during playful interactions. You will also develop 2-3 questions, per center that will deepen children’s learning.
I will upload Environment Plan 1 if you want to use it or make you can create your own. I will also upload the form utilized to enter your information. I am also pasting the grading scale of what the instructor is looking for. Can email the criteria.
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