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May 12, 2023

make a story of a missing person meeting the definition of both a missing 411 story as well as meeting the definiton of a modern myth. modern myth must have a connection to a social norm or expectation, an explanation of a natural phenomenon, and be concerned with a physiological fear. the missing 411 cases have several criteria which include but are not limited to: proximity to a geological anomaly (i.e. boulder fields or bodies of water) that is well known or documented, the time of the disappearance is not one that is typical of people becoming lost or disoriented, the missing person is afflicted with some sorr of disease, disability, or illness; they get seperated from the group; modern technology, and time honered tracking techniques fail to locate the person; clothing and personal items are found but the body is not, or when the body is found it is found without clothing or personal effects no matter the weather or time of year; multiple dusappearances within a geological cluster. minimum of two paragraphs

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