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Jan 16, 2022

Individuals with dementia might suffer from a lack of resources, including information and support. This criterion looks at how these vulnerable people are cared for in order to ensure they continue living well into old age even if it means bypassing certain needs such as nourishment or hygiene practices because whats most important now may not be so tomorrow.

Ensure That Individuals Have Access To An Adequate Supply Of Appropriate Food And Drink So As To Maintain Their Health, Well Being, And Independence

Food is a basic human need, but many people find it difficult to eat when they have dementia or other conditions that affect memory or thinking. This can be exacerbated by several factors, including limited access to food or drink, or limited availability of nutritious options. While they might not always be able to eat well-balanced meals, people with dementia can still survive healthy lives through access to enough food for their energy needs.

Consider The Physical And Social Environment In Which Individuals Are Supported When Arranging Their Care

The physical environment in which care is provided can have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of someone with dementia. For example, providing furniture thats easy to get in and out of or using lighting thats not too bright can make it easier for someone to move around independently.

More broadly, the social environment includes other people. Isolation is one of the most common issues facing people living with dementia. Even if they are physically healthy, providing social activities for someone may help to improve their well-being and reduce loneliness or depression.

Provide Access To Information That Supports Individuals Understanding Of How Their Condition Affects Them

The informational needs of people living with dementia vary from day to day and might include anything from using a computer to watching television. Its important to provide access not only to information about the condition itself but also to activities that will help manage it.

Provide Access To Information About Relevant Community Resources That May Facilitate Individuals Desire For Independence And Choice

Community resources can include a variety of different things and might change depending on the situation and whats required. The important thing is that people with dementia have access to information about resources they will find useful, such as housing options or support groups.

Provide Access To Information About Other Services That Individuals May Be Eligible To Use, Such As Those Available From The Department Of Veterans Affairs

In cases where someone has been referred to a specialist service or if they have an existing relationship with another department, its important that they know where to go for services. Familiarity with the routing system can ease frustration and confusion about how to access these services.

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