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Jan 12, 2022

Managing your resources is essential to providing high-quality care that meets an individuals goals; this includes both human and material resources. When we manage our time, energy, space, and finances effectively, were able to save more of these for other people in need like the individuals youre caring for!

When something impacts one resource, it can be necessary to manage it in conjunction with other resources. For example, when we communicate with another person we might wish not only to listen and speak but also to show our attention through body language.

Facilitate An Organizational Culture That Values Positive Outcomes And Person-Centered Practice

Its essential to create a culture of practice that caters to the needs of individuals and focuses on what is best for them. Were all here because we care, so it makes sense to provide this type of service in which our values match up with the values of patients.

Attitudes towards positive outcomes can be influenced by factors such as organizational culture. Organizational culture consists of unwritten rules that are learned in the workplace, shared by all employees in an organization whether theyre in management or not.

Develop, Implement And Evaluate Plans To Ensure Team Members Have Appropriate Training, Development, And Support To Promote Person-Centered Practice

Plans for care should be delivered by a team of professionals trained and supported to work together, with each member of the team knowing what theyre doing. This means that not only do we have more knowledge about individual needs but we can deliver it in a way that makes them happier.

Its important that we develop and implement plans to ensure we have appropriate training, development, and support otherwise, we cant deliver person-centered, outcome-based care.

Manage Others To Work With Individuals Ensuring That They Adapt Their Approaches To Meet An IndividualS Changing Needs

As healthcare professionals, our job is to provide the best care possible for each individual while adapting our approach to meet their changing needs. We may have to manage other health professionals so that they are able to support an individuals goals.

It can be helpful for individuals if we manage others in order to work alongside them and adapt their approaches.

Manage Resources To Ensure That Reviews Of IndividualS Preferences, Wishes Needs, And Strengths Are Valued Within The Achievement Of Positive Outcomes

Its important to manage resources so we can review an individuals preferences, wishes, needs, and strengths not only to achieve positive outcomes for them but also so they feel safe and informed. We may need to improve our ability in order to meet their expectations.

These are all important factors to consider when were trying to achieve positive outcomes for the people we are caring for.

Manage Resources To Ensure That Individuals Are Actively Supported To Make Healthy Choices Through A Person-Centered Approach

Managing resources also means being able to support individuals so they can make healthy choices. By supporting peoples choices, we can give them positive freedom.

As mentioned previously, this may be something you have experienced while working in a care home or with older people who are coming to terms with the changes that happen as they age.

Implement Systems And Processes For Recording Healthcare Interventions

As healthcare professionals, its important to record information about the services we provide in order to make sure that they are effective. This means recording all interventions  even when they do not meet expected outcomes.

We need to implement systems and processes for recording patient care so it can be delivered effectively.

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