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May 10, 2023
Answer :
Organization Selected : Cleenol Group Ltd


Technology is a most important terms that has major effects on business operations. Now a days, each and every organisation wants to implement digital technology in their business services (Ainin and et. al., 2015). Main reason behind this is that it helps to maximise productivity, improve information sharing services, data storage practices, automation of function and reduces additional cost as well as time. Digitalization has become a major portion of business as well as personal lives of an individual. On the basis of these practices a firm can implement new ideas and innovative thoughts to make changes in their working practices properly. Digital technology is classified in different aspect that which provides their contribution in different areas. As, Artificial intelligence, The internet of things, social media, mobile technology, cloud technology and so on. These kind of activities assist in managing business operations in effective manner. This report is based on Cleenol Group Ltd which is a small and medium enterprise which operates as a manufacturer and supplier of cleaning and hygiene products. The organization wants to implement mobile technology in their business practices to building direct relation with their customers. On the basis of these practices, they can provide information regarding new products and services to their services users and retailers too.

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