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Assignment Task

I want to setup these automations in a way that there is minimum risk to the accounts used, if there is a risk factor on any of these automations, please let me know which of these have risk, the limits for each and the kind of account you would suggest me to use for this.

Also, I am unaware of how to setup and use proxies and would most importantly like to set them up while also understanding the basic troubleshooting for them within texau. I would also need help in buying the right proxies.

I would be really grateful if you get me couple of Instagram, facebook, linkedin accounts to run these automations in the beginning to prevent getting blocked in my initial days on personal accounts. Completely understandable if it is not possible but will be amazing if it is.

I am adding the list of recipes and spices that I want to run on texau and would like to learn setting up. However, I see my requirement is really large and it would probably take a decent amount of time for the team to set them up. Hence, I would basically like the team to help me run a couple of them which enable me to work with the rest of them and also setup my proxies. The key things I would like to learn are :

  1. Setting up proxies for using multiple accounts.

  2. Distributing spices and recipes over multiple accounts

  3. Scheduling the spices and recipes

  4. Building recipes and using google sheets for data capture as well as data input.

  5. Using the variables for multiple accounts.

  6. Preventing getting banned for using multiple social media accounts on same IP and PC

  7. Using google sheets to pull data

  8. Using google sheets to get the results into from the spices.

  9. Using different tabs in same gsheet for managing one type of business problem

  10. Working with the only new data added in the google sheet and also working with the addition of new results in the same sheet for a continuously running spice.

  11. A little insight into the kind of limits to follow as well as the time gaps to keep and schedules to maintain.

  12. How to run a scheduled spice or recipe with a continuously edited google sheet.

  13. How to work on multiple social media accounts on same pc without getting banned


Building list of companies to reach out to.

  1. GSheet with sales navigator seach urls

  2. Linkedin Sales Navigator Accounts Search Scraper

  3. Get these results into a different tab in the above gsheet or new gsheet.

  4. Find the decision makers of the above accounts from a different tab in the same gsheet after our team has added the selected companies to the next list.

  5. Do their email enrichment add the received email

  6. send out connection requests to the people from sales navigator or normal linkedin with personalized message

  7. Find out those who have not followed back after 10-15 days.

  8. Send Inmail to them

  9. Cancel connection request if it is still not accepted after 25-30 days from day of sending

  10. Need to do this with 2 linkedin accounts

Building team connections

  1. Gsheet with the urls of sales nav lead searches

  2. Pull sales nav lead search results.

  3. Send to gsheets

  4. Extract basic info of linkedin profile

  5. Take the profile urls from another sheet which are approved after analysis by the team and send them connection requests with personalized messages with photos.

  6. Find emails for the profiles selected

  7. Like the post of the person if any within the next 15 days

  8. Check connection status after 25-30 days and cancel the request if still not followed back.

  9. Extract all the sales navigator chats with profile urls.

  10. Need to do this with a total of 6 accounts.


Facebook groups Research

  1. Ghseet with facebook group urls and number of members to pull

  2. Extract profile urls of the members of the group based on the number of members to pull from the sheet

  3. Send data to gsheet

Facebook profile friends

  1. Gsheet with facebook profiles and number of friends to extract from the profile

  2. Extract friend list

  3. Send profiles to the gsheet

Send friend request

  1. Gsheet with the profile urls of people

  2. Send facebook friend request to the profiles using 8 accounts

Facebook Pages research

  1. Extract company facebook about page from gsheet

  2. Upload to the gsheet

  3. Extract reviews of the page also


Hashtag Outreach

  1. Gsheet with list of hashtag

  2. Find out the posts made on a particular hashtag

  3. Post comment on the post

Hashtag Research

  1. Gsheet with list of hashtags

  2. Extract the list of posts form the hashtags

  3. Extract the details of the post

  4. Extract the profile urls

  5. Scrape Instagram profile

  6. Add the details of the profile and the profile urls into gsheet

  7. Extract all posts of selected Instagram profiles from another tab in gsheet with the number of posts to scrape

  8. Extract the comments of each post and the commentor

  9. Do email enrichments of the selected profiles


  1. Gsheet with profile urls

  2. Extract follower or following of the profiles

  3. Upload to gsheet

  4. Send connection requests to the profiles from 8 accounts

  5. Like the post of the profile within next 1-4 days

  6. Wait for 7-10 days and check connection status. Unfollow the profile if it is not connected.


  1. Randomly like, comment and watch stories from the accounts to give them human feeling.


Finding Youtube channels

  1. Gsheet( list of search terms, number of search results for different search terms)

  2. Running YouTube search extractor and getting list of channels

  3. Running Extract YouTube channel details and getting their basic details and social media handles

  4. Want to run this automation everyday or everysecond day to pull data from the same gsheet for only the new entries made into the gsheet.

  5. Want to upload the results into a different tab within the same gsheet or a different gsheet if the above is not possible

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