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Apr 26, 2023
W2 Discussion 2:
In this week’s discussion, try to answer the following questions
1- Map up what you would like your business to look like in five and even 10 years from now.
2- What is your business mission?
Try to submit your discussion by Friday and reply to at least one of your fellow classmate by Sunday.
Use the following link to learn more how to develop a mission and a vision for your business.


W3 Discussion:
What could be your supporting structure?
Draft a list of the potential supporting structure for your business and describe the relevance of each “why, what, and how”
Remember that your first post is due by Friday and one reply by Sunday (what resource(s) would you suggest for your fellow classmate?)

W4 Discussion:
After checking the learning resources of this and last week resources and attending the workshop on the enterprise legal forms, you are asked to:
first discuss the legal form of your company. What is the legal structure that you have chosen for your business? What are the advantages and disadvantage of choosing such structure?
Second, which best investing company that you think will be interested in your business? tell us why? Do you have plans to contact them? share your strategy?
First post is due by latest Friday and one reply by latest Sunday (any suggestions for your fellow classmates?)

W6 Discussion 5:
A marketing plan is a significant portion of your overall business plan and is designed to identify your ideal target market and how you’ll reach it. To create an effective plan, you’ll also need to answer important questions about your goals, your business vision, and your strengths and weaknesses, so you can develop a marketing plan to support your overall business mission.
What is your Marketing Plan?
What is your Marketing Budget: How Much Money Will You Spend, and on What?
What Tasks Do You Need to Complete to Reach Your Marketing Goals?
Remember that your first draft is due by Friday and one reply to your fellow classmate is due by Sunday (any suggestions to your fellow classmate?)

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