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Mar 31, 2023

Unit title & code MAR022-1 Consumer Behaviour
Assignment number and title 1
Assessment type Portfolio
Weighting of assessment 40%
Size or length of assessment 1500 (+/- 10%)
Unit learning outcomes:1.Critically understand key concepts, theories, frameworks and strategies of consumer behaviour in light of vastly different political, cultural, legal, and economic environments in both emerging and developed economies.
MAR022-1 Consumer Behaviour Assignment-Bedfordshire University UK.

2.Develop effective communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills developed through examining theories of consumer behaviour and attitude formation and change.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
This is an Individual assessment. You will be required to research and critically evaluate a range of topics related to Consumer behaviour.
The following three tasks that will contribute to this assessment; each task should be answered in 500 words.

Task 1: Analysis of Consumer Behavior
Write a 500-word critical analysis on how social media influence consumer purchase decisions and how marketers can make use of social media groups.
Justify your arguments with specific examples of a brand/product/service.

Task 2: Psychological Antecedents of Consumer Behaviour
Write a 500-word critical analysis on hedonic consumption: its meaning, antecedents, outcomes and downsides. Support your arguments with examples of hedonic consumption behaviour.

Task 3: Sociological Issues in Consumer Behaviour
Write a 500-word critical analysis on the following.
Apply Hofstede’s national cultural dimensions (pick any two dimensions) to analyse the consumption behaviour of consumers in one of the following countries:

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