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May 22, 2023

Write a 10-page white paper on market segmentation, including your research, analysis, and recommendations, for a provided scenario or a business of your choice.
Completion of this portfolio work project, a white paper on market segmentation analysis, will help you demonstrate your competency in marketing research, analysis, and planning for minority market segments (for example, African-American, Hispanic, LGBTQ, and retirees). This assessment provides practice with academic writing expectations, while still being work-relevant.
For this assessment, choose either Option 1 or Option 2. You do not need to do both. You will apply one of these scenarios in the Requirements below. Both options will be graded using the same scoring guide.
Option 1
You and your sibling have recently opened Rollin’ Auto, a mobile business that provides routine auto repairs at the consumer’s home or place of business. The company currently owns two trucks that you both use to service customers. The business has taken off much more quickly than anticipated, so you are already thinking about managing the company’s growth by analyzing your market, including minority market segments.
Option 2
Select a company of your choosing. Note that it is recommended that you use the same company for each assessment in this course. Before choosing a company, read all three of the assessments’ requirements thoroughly to ensure the following:
The company fits the assessment requirements by providing goods or services directly to an end-user consumer.
You have an adequate understanding of the business model.
You have permission to access any required internal data.
Contact faculty with questions.
Your Role
Option 1
You are one of two principals of Rollin’ Auto. You have two equity investors who have recently committed funds to your success. You and the other principal are preparing the business for future growth and know that the backing of your investors will be an important component in your short- to mid-term success. It is important to understand Rollin’ Auto’s market segments, and the investors are looking for you to present your research, analysis, and recommendations.
Option 2
Your boss, a director, has tasked you with this market segmentation project. She is relying on you to prepare an analysis and recommendations that can be presented to the company’s board of directors. You have completed a couple of special research projects for her previously that went very well. You are pleased to have received this new assignment.
Conduct your own research to locate supporting resources, and develop a white paper written in APA format that is well organized and includes the following for Rollin’ Auto’s investors or your selected company’s board of directors:
Describe the minority market segment for your selected company. Your description should address demographic characteristics of the market segment, potential size (in dollars) of the segment, and other information to inform your audience about why it is desirable to market to the chosen segment (for example, African American, Hispanic, LGBTQ, and retirees).
Analyze the extant and current literature regarding marketing to minority segments. In your analysis, discuss findings that generalize various minority market segments as well as findings specific to your chosen minority market segment.
Recommend best practices for marketing to minority market segments. Be specific in your recommendations for your chosen minority market segment.
Write an executive summary. This is your opportunity to clearly and succinctly summarize your findings and recommendations.
Deliverable Format
The market segmentation white paper is to be 10 pages, in addition to the title and references pages.
You may choose to organize your writing as follows:
Title page.
Executive Summary – 1 page.
Background of the Problem (for example, marketing to the chosen minority segment) – 2 pages.
Literature Review – 4 pages.
Recommendations – 2 pages.
Summary/Conclusions – 1 page.
Related company standards:
The market segmentation analysis white paper is an academic paper and should therefore follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines (available in the MBA Program Resources).
Use at least eight references for this analysis. At least two must be from scholarly or academic sources, and one must come from the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, or MIT Sloan Management Review.
Use APA formatting for citations and references.
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies through corresponding scoring guide criteria:
Competency 1: Evaluate consumer engagement patterns in relation to consumer characteristics, behavior principles, and marketing practices.
Describe the minority market segment for the selected company.
Competency 2: Analyze the impact of external factors such as politics, economics, technology, and culture on marketing strategies related to consumer behavior.
Analyze the extant and current literature regarding marketing to minority segments.
Competency 4: Apply market research to support organizational marketing needs, decision making, and strategy building.
Recommend best practices for marketing to minority market segments.
Competency 5: Communicate in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the business professions.
Write an executive summary.
Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.
Faculty will provide feedback as if they were the recipient of your deliverable in the workplace, using the scoring guide. Refer to the scoring guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assessment before submission.

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